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Image of Bernie Jaffe, playing fiddle and smoking a cigarette; member of J.P. Ringworm and the Heartbreak of Psoriasis.

Image of three fiddlers, Dennis McGee, S.D. Courville and Marc Savoy.

Image of the backs of musicians Sady Courville and Dennis McGee playing the fiddle.

Image of an outdoor workshop performance by the water by five performers on banjo, violin, clarinet; people relaxing and listening to the music

Image of Kenny Jackson and Dave Essig, one can be seen seated playing the guitar, while the other is standing playing the fiddle behind his back.

Image of Tracy Schwarz playing the fiddle, close-up shot.

Image of fiddle player Rufus Guinchard playing the fiddle; sitting on a chair.

Image of fiddle musician in foreground accompanied by one of the Whiteley brothers(?) on double bass.

Image of the back of a musician holding a fiddle looking out towards the audience. Far left a male audience member hides behind a cut out silhouette and takes a photograph.

Image of The Hotmud Family performing on fiddle, guitar, banjo and double bass.

Image of musicians Robin and Barry Dransfield performing on guitar and fiddle.