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Image of parishioners sitting and standing at Maple Leaf Gardens, holding lit candles. The ice hockey rink's lines and circles are clearly visible.

Image of a group of about 10 young men and women in traditional costume dancing in procession at Toronto City Hall. A large crowd of spectators looks on from a balcony above.

Image of protesters picketing along a sidewalk, in front of a subway station, holding banners and signs, many prominently displaying the swastika, some of which read "No to Fascism", "Down with the Greek Junta" and "Smash Greek Junta".

Image of two students, Anita Falles, 5, and Louann Falles, 7, with their teacher, Miss Irene Printezas, at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church Greek language school, located at 1115 Bond Street in Toronto.