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Workshop : Bread and Roses

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Workshop : Bread and Roses


Folk music
Women's rights
Women's songs


Item consists of audio recording of workshop hosted by Malvina Reynolds about women and industry, women's rights and women's songs. Includes Vera Johnson performing an unknown song, and a volunteer Lissa Donner performing the traditional "Bread and Roses"(James Oppenheim). Also consists of Rita MacNeil performing "Born a Woman", Margaret Christl performing "Four Pence A Day" (trad. Thomas Raine), Rosalie Sorrels performing "I am a Union Woman" (Aunt Molly Jackson), Malvina Reynolds performing "Bury Me in My Overalls", Vera Johnson performing "Marion", Rita MacNeil performing "Renie" and Margaret Christl performing "The Doffin Mistress" (trad.). Also consists of Rosalie Sorrels telling a story about parenting and her youth and performing "Apple of My Eye".

Online content includes four excerpts from the workshop:
ASCA00012b - Unknown song performed by Vera Johnson.
ASCA00012c - Bread and Roses performed by Lissa Donner.
ASCA00012h - Marion performed by Vera Johnson.
ASCA00012j - Doffin Mistress performed by Margaret Christl.

Table Of Contents

Introduction / Malvina Reynolds. -- [Unknown song] / Vera Johnson. -- Bread and Roses / James Oppenheim (Lissa Donner). -- Born a Woman / Rita MacNeil. -- Four Pence a Day / traditional, Thomas Raine (Margaret Christl). -- I Am A Union Woman / Aunt Molly Jackson (Rosalie Sorrels). -- Bury Me In My Overalls / Malvina Reynolds. -- Marion / Vera Johnson. -- Renie / Rita MacNeil. -- The Doffin Mistress / traditional (Margaret Christl). -- Apple Of My Eye / Rosalie Sorrels.


Malvina Reynolds
Vera Jonhson
Rita MacNeil
Margaret Christl
Rosalie Sorrels
Aunt Molly Jackson
James Oppenheim
Lissa Donner


22 June 1975


Malvina Reynolds: estate contacted twice, no response as of 2010.03.30. Vera Johnson: estate contacted, permission granted. Rita MacNeil: agency contacted, no response as of 2010.03.30. Margaret Christl: contacted, permission granted. Rosalie Sorrels: contact info not yet found. Lissa Donner: identified and contacted 2011.07.18. Permission pending.

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Mariposa Folk Foundation fonds, F0511.


2 audio reels (ca. 48 min.) : 2 track, mono.
2 wav audio files (468 MB): 48 kHz.
1 mp3 audio file (66.5 MB) : 48 kHz.


sound recording






Centre Island, Toronto Islands, Toronto, Ontario
43° 37' 16" N - 79° 22' 43" W
22 June 1975 - Area 5 - 15:00-16:30

Rights Holder

Malvina Reynolds
Rita MacNeill
Vera Johnson
Rosalie Sorrels
Margaret Christl
Lissa Donner

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audio reel : 1/4".


48min: 27sec.

Bit Rate/Frequency

48 kHz



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