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Concert : Acadian music

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Concert : Acadian music


Folk songs --Acadian
Folk songs --French-Canadian


Consists of audio recording of a concert of Acadian music performed by Edith Butler and Donat Lacroix. Recording begins with a brief history of Acadians by Edith Butler followed by her performance of "Il me n'a voit a l'ecole(?)" and "Le Dix D'Avril". Each song begins with a story about the song to be performed by either Butler or Lacroix and leads into the music. The songs are duets with interchanging vocals. Donat Lacroix performs "Le p'tit bateau," "Derriere chez-nous y'a un joli bocage" or "Derriere chez-nous y'a un champ de pois." Together Lacroix and Butler perform "Le mal de dents" followed by Butler performing "Le p'tit boeuf" (a song about an old maid who is angry that she can not find a husband). Butler then sings "Au chant de l'allouette" and an untitled song. Lacroix sings "Un si gros cure," a humorous song about a parish priest and describes a bawdy wordplay with the French "Cure", followed by (30:53- as if the recording jumps forward might be farther ahead into the song- sung by Lacroix). "Le p'tit mari" which he explains is a song sung in both French and English. Lacroix then sings "La drole de vieille," about a ninety year old woman, with Butler adding vocal accompaniment followed by Butler performing an untitled bilingual song.

Table Of Contents

Introduction / Edith Butler. -- Il me n'a voit a l'ecole / (Edith Butler, Donat Lacroix). -- Le dix d'avril / (Edith Butler, Donat Lacroix). -- Le p'tit bateau / (Donat Lacroix). -- Derrier chex-nous y'a un joli bocage / (Donat Lacroix). -- Derriere chez-nous y'a un champ de pois / (Donat Lacroix). -- Le male de dents / (Edith Butler, Donat Lacroix). -- Le p'tit boeuf / (Edith Butler). -- Au cahant de l'allouette / (Edith Butler). -- [unknown song] / (Edith Butler). -- Un si gros cure / (Donat Lacroix). -- Le p'tit mari / (Donat Lacroix). -- La drole de vielle / (Donat Lacroix, Edith Butler). -- [untitled song] / (Edith Butler).


Edith Butler
Donat Lacroix


07 June 1973


Edith Butler: contacted, permission granted pending receipt of official documents. Donat Lacroix: contacted, permission granted.

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Centre Island, Toronto Islands, Toronto, Ontario
43° 37' 16" N - 79° 22' 43" W
07 June 1973 - Area 2 - 12:30-14:00

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Edith Butler
Donat Lacroix

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1 audio reel (ca. 42 min) : 3 3/4 IPS, mono.


42 min. 04 sec.

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48kHz , 192kbps



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