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Workshop : Monologues, Tales and Recitations

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Workshop : Monologues, Tales and Recitations


Item consists of audio recording of a workshop hosted by Tony Barrand and beginning by giving a brief lecture about traditional tales and reciting a story of a Mr.Fox, followed by Grant Rogers telling a story about a village called "Yackville" and Tommy Makem recounting a fable about a hump-backed man named Jack Madden. Also consists of Joe Byrne reading a story by Ted Russell, Maggie Pierce telling a traditional Irish tale (The Speckled Bird) and Owen McBride telling a story about a mushroom picker. Next, Tony Barrand briefly discussing recitations and monologues and Tommy Makem reciting a story about an Irish poet. Also consists of Joe Byrne telling a tale, Pierce reciting a poem about butter as well as reciting "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" (W.B. Yeats), Barrand reciting William Bennett (I shall love you when your money is gone but I shan't be with you), a parody of "The Green Eye of the Yellow God" (J. Milton Hayes). Also consists of Tommy Makem reciting "The Battle of Hastings" (Marriott Edgar and Stanley Holloway), Joe Byrne reciting "Cold Weather" (Ted Russell) and Margaret Pierce reciting "To a Fat Lady Seen from a Train" (Francis Cornford).

Online content includes several excerpts from the workshop:
ASCA00009c : Story of Jack Madden as told by Tommy Makem.
ASCA00009d : Story collected by and about Ted Russell as told by Joe Byrne and Pat Byrne.
ASCA00009f : Story told by Owen McBride.
ASCA00009h : Story and poem recited by Tommy Makem.
ASCA00009i : Two recitations by Joe Byrne.
ASCA00009m : The Battle of Hastings by Marriott Edgar, Stanley Holloway as told by Tommy Makem.
ASCA00009n : Cold Weather by Ted Russell as told by Joe Byrne.

Table Of Contents

Introduction and story of Mr. Fox / Tony Barrand. -- Yackville / (Grant Rogers). -- Jack Madden / (Tommy Makem). -- [Unknown title] / Ted Russell (Joe Byrne). -- The Speckled Bird / (Maggie Pierce). -- [Unknown title] / (Owen McBride). -- Discussion / Tony Barrand. -- Poem / (Tommy Makem). -- [Unknown title] / (Joe Byrne). -- [Unknown poem] / (Maggie Pierce). -- The Lake Isle of Innisfree / W.B. Yeats (Maggie Pierce). -- William Bennet / (Tony Barrand). -- The Battle of Hastings / Marriott Edgar, Stanley Holloway (Tommy Makem). -- Cold Weather / Ted Russell (Joe Byrne). --- To A Fat Lady Seen From A Train / Francis Cornford (Maggie Pierce).


Tony Barrand
Tommy Makem
Joe Byrne
Pat Byrne
Grant Rogers
Maggie Pierce
Owen McBride


22 June 1975


Tommy Makem : Estate of Tommy Makem contacted : permission granted.
Owen McBride contacted, permission granted.
Pat Byrne: contacted, permission granted.
Tony Barrand: contacted, no response as of 27.04.2010.
Maggie Pierce : seeking contact information.

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Mariposa Folk Foundation fonds, F0511.


1 audio reel (ca. 1 hr. 28 min.) : 3 3/4 IPS, mono.
2 sound recordings (WAV) : 962 MB ; ca.. 1 hr. 28 min. (preservation copy)
1 sound recording (MP3) : 119 MB ; 1 hr. 28 min. (access copy)






Sound recording




Toronto Islands, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
43° 37' 16" N - 79° 22' 43" W
22 June 1975. -- Area 4. -- 15:00-17:00.



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