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Concert : Mariposa In The Schools

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Concert : Mariposa In The Schools


Consists of audio recording of Rick Avery hosting the Mariposa in the Schools (MITS) workshop, (a program teaching children about folk music) beginning by performing "The Village Pump" with children in the audience singing along. Next Chris Whiteley recites a story (accompanied by harmonica) about a fox being chased by hounds, an Lois Lilienstein performs "Aiken Drum" (trad.) with children participating, followed by Chris Whiteley explaining to the children how to play a jug and then performing "The Barnyard Dance" (Martin, Bogan and the Armstrongs) and "Take Your Fingers Off It" (trad.) with children playing makeshift instruments. Also consists of Rick Avery teaching the children to sing "Mary Mac" (trad.) and Lois Lilienstein performing "We're Going to the Zoo" (Tom Paxton) and teaching the children about syncopation, as well as Rick Avery performing an "echo song" with the children called "Green Grass Grew All Around" (William Jerome (lyrics), Harry Von Tilzer (music)) and Lois Lilienstein teaching the children to sing and play "Head and Shoulders", and ending with Rick Avery and Lois Lilienstein together with the children performing "George Washington Bridge".

Online content includes two excerpts from the workshop:
ASCA00018b : Fox and hound story as told by Chris Whiteley.
ASCA00018c : Aiken Drum performed by Lois Lilienstein.

Table Of Contents

Introduction / Rick Avery. -- The Village Pump / (Rick Avery). -- Fox and hound story / (Chris Whiteley). -- Aiken Drum / trad. (Lois Lilienstein). -- Instruction on jug playing and performance of The Barnyard Dance / Martin, Bogan and Armstrong (Chris Whiteley). -- Take Your Fingers Off It / trad. (Chris Whiteley). -- Mary Mac / trad. (Rick Avery). -- We're Going To The Zoo / Tom Paxton (Lois Lilienstein). -- Green Grass Grew All Around / William Jerome, Harry Von Tilzer (Rick Avery). -- Head and Shoulders / (Lois Lilienstein). -- George Washington Bridge / (Lois Lilienstein, Rick Avery).


Rick Avery
Lois Lilienstein
Chris Whiteley


22 June 1975


Chris Whiteley : contacted, permission granted.
Rick Avery : contacted, no response as of 31.10.2010.
Lois Lilienstein : contacted, permission granted.

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2 audio reels (ca. 53 min.) : 3 3/4 IPS, mono.
2 sound recordings (WAV) : 282.9 MB ; 53 min. 09 sec. (preservation copy)
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Toronto Islands, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
43° 37' 16" N - 79° 22' 43" W

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2 audio reels (ca. 53 min.) : 3 3/4 IPS, mono.



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48kHz , 192kbps (preservation copy)



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