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Image of a crowd at a soccer game. A group of men in hats and striped jackets stand around an advertisement for "Ed's Warehouse."

Minister John Yaremko performing a ceremonial kick-off at a soccer match.

Image of a large crowd of fans on soccer pitch.

Image of a crowd in the stands at a soccer match. Several people use umbrellas.

Image of a man handing a plaque to a soccer player.

Image of men in suits standing on a soccer pitch with a woman in a dress and a sash which reads "Miss Olympia."

Image of a goalie on his knees in front of a soccer net, in which lies a ball.

Image of a goalie being surrounded by happy-looking fans.

Image of a moustached man sitting behind a desk holding a pencil on a document.

Image of labourers in a field posing with a large piece of farm equipment.

Image of the intersection of Brock Ave. and Dundas St. West.

Image of a man in a plaid shirt handing over a large trophy on a soccer field.

Image of fans leaning over a railing in the stands.

Image of soccer players on a field. Eusébio kicks at the ball while another is belly-down on the pitch.

Image of young man reclining in a convertible with his legs on the windshield holding a tambourine in his left hand.


Image of several people in front of a house gathered around a man climbing a telephone pole.

Image of a large group of police officers standing behind wooden barricade, with the word "CAUTION" on it, with several officers speaking to each other in front of it.

Image of Carol Robinson and Jim McCarthy of The Dirty Shames performing.